The mission of the restoration unit is to provide support within scientific research and publishing in theoretical and practical fields on all physical environment elements, especially on historical environments and architectural heritage. The unit contributes to higher education in national and international levels. In this context the “Restoration and Surveyin Graduate Program”, which was founded within the History of Architecture and Restoration Unit, provides education under the YTU Institute of Science and Technology. Additionally “Historical Buildings and National Palaces Vocational School” is being supported with courses and lectures. The program outcomes of the undergraduate education program are being contributed to directly with basic compulsory and elective courses such as “Building Analysis” and “Conservation and Restoration” while also the diploma project and various architectural design courses are being supported by the staff of the unit. As of the year 2013, within the restoration unit there are two professors, two associate professors, five assistant professors and five research assistants. Beside TUBITAK and other research projects, within the framework of social responsibility, field studies related to historical buildings and areas are being carried out and integrated to undergraduate and graduate education programs. Within this context, the restoration unit tries to carry out its mission effectively with the contribution to research fields and conservation education from associate to PhD level.