Building Design And Theory




Our Unit for Building Design and Theory is the most populous unit with its 26 faculty, 5 PhD and 8 assistant members. As is known, the architectural design education forms the base of the architectural education. The unit for Building Design and Theory has the most effect on the architectural education structure with the 6 different architectural studios carried out in different levels. It also supports the education with theoretical courses. In this contest the unit plays a decisive role, especially in the first year of the architectural education.


Within the unit various researches are being studied, which of those outputs are reflected to the education. These studies include different research fields such as theoretical base of design, its relations with environmental problems and the relating of digital technologies with architectural design process. Members of the unit play an important role on connecting design to current debates. Within our unit, among the graduate education in YTU Institute of Science and Technology, the following programs are available;


- Architectural Design Masters and PhD programs

- Building Research and Programming Masters and PhD programs

- Computer Aided Design Masters and PhD program