Architecture Department


Our Department, which has started its four-year education in 1942, has contributed to our country in terms of profession with its alumni of over 7000. With its tradition of education based on more than 70 years, our department has aimed to provide a quality and future based education in national and international levels for our students to become architects, who research, try to learn by exploring with sophisticated and intellectual flexibility as enlightened individuals. With its 103 teaching staff we give education in undergraduate and graduate (masters and PhD) levels in four units (Building Science, Building Construction, History of Architecture and Restoration). Our Department serves as a unit within YTU Institute of Science and Technology with its nine graduate programs (Architectural Design, Building Research and Planning, Computer Aided Design, History and Theory of Architecture, Restoration and Surveying, Building Construction, Housing Production and Construction Management, Building Physics, Building Physics without thesis and Interior Design). The graduate includes masters programs with thesis (four semesters, 120 ECTS credits), masters programs without thesis (three semesters, 90 ECTS credits) and PhD programs (eight semesters, 240 ECTS credits). The department has currently 1140 undergraduate, 793 masters, and 217 Ph.D. students. The department of architecture in the academic year 2013-2014, in addition to its existing educational programs the Architecture Program in English - with a quota of 40 students and there are currently 194 students.


Since its establishment our department is in joint work with universities worldwide. We are continuing our collaboration with ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Program within the EU Higher Eductions Qualifications Framewrok. Since 2005, 260 students of our department have participated in the ERASMUS student exchange program, while we had 179 incoming students from all over Europe during the past 8 years. With the responsibility of being a rooted prescriptive institution of higher education, our department supported students in the local exchange program FARABI and started to work within MEVLANA which is another program aiming the exchange of students and faculty between higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad.


With its numerous studies on the implementation and monitoring of the international education standards, our  department is a member of EAAE, European Association for Arcchitectural Education, ENHSA, European Network of Heads of Schools of Architecture and CIB, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction.


YTU Department of Architecture has been declared “very successful” in Educational Quality Evaluation-Accreditation work carried out by Higher Education Council with international participation in 1997-1998 Academic Year.


In 2009 with the application on the National Architecture Accrediding Board (MIAK) and with reference to the institutional nature of all these studies, YTU Department of Architecture  has been entitle to accreditation for 6 years with its undergraduate program following the evaluation of the Board. The studies for the NAAB Substantial Equivalency have been completed recently and the department has applied for it in June 2013.


Our department, beside its educational program organized in accordance with its vision and missin, provides opportunities for students to develop themselves in terms of profession, social life and culture with seminars, symposiums, congresses, exhibitions, workshops, competitions and many more events in national and international levels.