Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture aims to educate architects with the following attributes;


- To be competent in the fields of theory and practice; to be able to create environments meeting the aesthetical, technical, ecological requirements, to have creative, analytical, innovative thinking skills,


- To provide an interdisciplinary collaboration to have professional ethics, continuing training, to be sophisticated, self-confident, honest, in peace with the society and himself, able to self-criticize, unbiased and authentic,


- To understand the relations between people and buildings, assess the building and the environment they’re located, the building-space relations in accordance with human scale and requirements, to have the awareness and responsibility including the architectural heritage,


- To have the ability meeting the aesthetical and technical requirements within the design process,


- To have knowledge about Architecture Theory and History and related arts, technologies and human sciences.


- To have knowledge on planning process, urban design and planning


- To have knowledge about fine arts affecting architectural design quality


- To have an idea and knowledge about architectural profession and the architects role in society


- To have knowledge about methods regarding research and evaluation on architectural design


- To have knowledge about structural systems, construction technology, construction techniques and engineering problems in building design


- To have knowledge about physical environment problems and technologies regarding comfort conditions


- To have knowledge about industrial sectors, organizations, regulations and processes regarding the transformations of design concepts and user requirements into buildings and combination of architectural plans with a general planning


- To have knowledge about sustainable design, environmental preservation and improvement


- To have knowledge about project financing, project management and cost control


- To have knowledge about research methods and reporting techniques which act as an integral part of architectural education.