NAAB Certification

As a result of the application made to the American National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) by the Department of Architecture in June 2013, the report prepared by the former President of NAAB, Cornelius Kin Dubois, visited our department in November 2013, and was presented at the NAAB General Assembly in February 2014. Evaluated and as a result of the voting, it was accepted that our institution would move to the second stage.


The second stage visit was carried out between 9-15 October 2015 by Thomas Fowler and Barbara Sestak. The report prepared as a result of the visit was accepted at the March 2016 NAAB General Assembly, and it was approved for our institution to move to the third stage.


The third stage visit was held on 5-9 April 2019 by Michael Rodriguez, Amy Perenchio, Elizabeth Widaski and Özgür Dinçyürek. The report prepared as a result of the visit was accepted at the July 2019 NAAB General Assembly, and Yıldız Technical University Department of Architecture was awarded an International Certification, valid for 6 years as of January 1, 2019.


An International Certified training program substantially meets the educational outcomes of an architecture program in the United States, proving that the program meets the NAAB International Certification Requirements, which bear significant similarities to the NAAB Accreditation Requirements. The NAAB International Certificate is not accreditation with US architecture programs, but demonstrates that the architecture program in question achieves the highest standard in the quality of professional architectural education.


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As the Department of Architecture, we congratulate all faculty members and assistants who have successfully passed all stages of this process, which is important for our institution; We would like to thank our Rectorate, in particular, our Dean's Office, Technopark management, General Secretariat, Vehicle Operations Chief, Communications Coordinator, our administrative staff, our dear students and everyone who supported us.