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The 18th Çuhadaroğlu Student Project Competition, the subject of which is determined as "New Life Interfaces", is hosted by ITU Faculty of Architecture. Participants are expected to define a design problem that considers everyday conditions in the context of rural/urban and individual/society and create solution scenarios for it. The deadline for the projects is 10 September 2021.


It is known that current conditions that change all areas of life cause rethinking of everything about life, and our changing conditions due to necessities in all areas of design as well as in all areas of life make the future somewhat ambiguous. Inevitably, it can be said that each discipline seeks to dispel this ambiguity within itself and in interaction with others. For this reason, searches for understanding the new states, situations and conditions of the future are gaining momentum. Nowadays, implicitly or explicitly, speculations are made on what the new states and 'new normals' will bring, and new future ideas are tried to be produced based on our predictions. On the one hand, the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, on the other hand, the changing, developing and transforming technology and information regimes make it inevitable to think about new and possible relationships between the city, the countryside, the place and the individual. However, it is possible to talk about a "pause or slowness" in all areas that are related to the city, architecture and design, as in many areas today. For this ambiguous future, which we do not know how, there is a need, more than ever, to make various inferences by looking at the existing assets, facts, values ​​and resources and to define all areas of life on positive conditions. Therefore, for all areas of design, we have to make various inquiries in the context of current conditions, define different problems and produce possible solutions that will transform the current conditions in a positive way for the benefit of society.


The subject of the Çuhadaroğlu 2021 student project competition invites all designers of related fields to make ideas and productions that will overcome/dissolve the ambiguity, stagnation, slowness and limitations we are in, and increase our mental efficiency. In this context, the subject of the 18th Çuhadaroğlu 2021 student project competition, which was held this year, was determined as the design of "new life interfaces".


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